Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekends are TOUGH.

A lot tougher than I thought they would be...busy, hectic, and tempting. I found myself in a lot of situations this weekend where I could have made really bad choices regarding food - and I didn't.

I'm impressed with my own level of self control. I refuse to fail at this.

Saturday, went to Corey's football game...which lead to Jim's Steaks in the city, and of course - the bar - with some of the Reilly crew. Do you have any idea HOW HARD it is to sit there and eat a cheesesteak sans roll? UGH. I so badly wanted to bite into that nice fluffy loaf of goodness, but I was good. I ate it with a fork.

And I didn't even lick the roll.

The bar - same deal. I wasn't going to drink anyway with having the race this morning, but to sit there for hours and not have a beer, shot or any alcohol whatsoever - is tough.

5k was today. COLD. I felt like someone was stabbing me in the chest with a knife when I breathed, that's how cold it was. Legs are sore, hips are sore, I am exhausted. But - glad that we managed to pull it off yet again.

Tomorrow starts the 2nd week of phase 1. I am eager to get on the scale and see how the first week has gone...


  1. Two things: you made it through the week. 2: you got yourself out of bed, despite the shitty weather, and not just made it to THE race, YOU FINISHED! You should be very very very proud.

    Too bad this blog set up doesn't have photo options so you can post your progress!!

  2. Absolutely. It was cold yesterday, and believe me I would have much preferred staying in bed than getting up at 5:30 on a Sunday on minimal sleep.

    Progress - you want a fat pic? LOL