Tuesday, November 9, 2010

It's cold.

The next few months are going to be a true test of motivation. It's already winter apparently. We skipped right past fall, and it is COLD. I don't want to leave the house, I don't feel like going to the gym, and I certainly don't want to run outside.

I need to stay focused and keep active, find new ways to stay interested in exercise. I'm not 'there' yet - I don't LOVE going to the gym. I want to, and maybe some day I will, but I'm not there yet.

Took yesterday off, today too... legs are still not 100% from Sunday. We'll see how things go tomorrow.

It's also about to be period week, which is always hard for me. I don't get bitchy, I don't get over emotional - I get hungry. I want to eat everything in sight. But again - if I can get through this past Saturday, I can handle a few days of woman time.


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