Thursday, November 4, 2010


Today is pretty craptastic. Rainy, cold - good day to stay in bed.

I started to feel like I was getting sick last night, don't have time for that...took some Zicam. Little better today, but it still feels like it is trying. I am planning on getting to the gym today for a nice long workout, that always helps.

Day 4. A week ago today I was at the doctor, and wanted to throw the scale at the poor nurse. Certainly was the wake up call that I needed...could have been a little nicer though, it felt more like a slap in the face.

I am not ready for this race on Sunday. At all. My left knee has been giving me problems off and on the last 2 weeks, feels like I hyperextended it or something. Hopefully I will be good to go. If not, I'll just take alot of pain meds. :)

A plus to being on SB, I am rediscovering a lot of foods that I really enjoy but just never made the time to have before. Lots of good veggies, hummus, healthy snacks as opposed to crap that always made me feel unsatisfied and wanting to eat more. No lie, last night I really wanted fucking pizza. For the first time all week, I was thinking about food - other than when am I eating again. I hope that was a fleeting thought because frankly, I am refusing to fail.