Monday, November 22, 2010

This weekend was tough. Alright, it was worse than tough. I cannot do this on someone else's schedule, I am not anywhere near being ready for that yet. Saturday, I went 7 hours without eating. SEVEN. Then we had an hour break for dinner, to get ready and be back on the bus. What were the options? Either eat something quick, or wait a few more hours to eat. I couldn't wait, I was already light headed and didn't feel right from not eating all day. Pizza. That was the solution. And while it tasted great, it wasn't the answer. I felt gross after eating it. I was still hungry an hour later, and my stomach was not happy.

Glad to be home, and back on my own schedule.


  1. It is really rough doing things on someone elses schedule. All in all I think you did a good job on dealing with the situation.

  2. I didn't eat my face off and gain all my weight back, so that is a plus! ;)

    Refocusing for the next few days. Turkey day, enjoying but not overdoing it, then back on track Friday. All about adjusting.