Monday, November 15, 2010


I'm trying REALLY hard to not be discouraged right now. I have to remind myself, period week for most - including myself - means water retention, no weight loss. Regardless, going through a whole week of being good, doing what I'm supposed to, and only losing 1.5 is FRUSTRATING.

Is it still a loss? Yes. Am I happy about it? Sure. Maybe I was spoiled the first week. Bad timing on my part? I shouldn't have started when the 2nd week would included bloating, cramps, and a general feeling of weighing a metric shit ton.

My bad.

So that brings the total since November 1, to 9 down.

I'm staying on Phase 1 at least through Thursday.


  1. If you can make it through period week on this diet you are a GOD! Best of luck Mmanda!

  2. Thanks, chicky. I was pretty bummed this morning, but I am putting it all in perspective. :)