Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tempted yet again.

I don't know if I just forgot how much of a daily mental test losing weight is, but damn. It seems like every day I am faced with another obstacle...make this choice or that one... feel good about yourself or feel guilty. Why can't it just be 'eat this, not that, get skinny'???

Went to dinner last night after rehearsal...I'm grateful to be surrounded by supportive people. Went to Chickie and Pete's, had a salad - but really, why the hell do they need to put CRAB FRIES on a damn salad? Does that not negate all possibly healthiness? I took that shit off, and the croutons, and was left with a heaping bowl of lettuce, a few plum tomatos, and some grilled chicken.

I successfully did not have a single fry.

I wanted to, believe me. The fat kid inside wanted to tear that shit up. But, I refrained. Somehow.

Today is going to be a challenge...I can tell already.

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