Friday, April 24, 2009

I'm a slacker, clearly.

I assure you I have been doing okay, well - not great, but better. And that's an improvement. I try and get to the gym at least twice a week, some days its easier than others. I just really need to get myself to the point where I am going more often than that. I went last Friday, and felt AMAZING when I left. So accomplished and better about myself than I have in weeks. I am going today as soon as I get done updating my monthly blog. lol

Still holding at the same weight loss, since all the nonsense happened last month. I guess that's good. I haven't gained any back, which is a plus. So since March 9, I am down 12 pounds. My eating is kind of erratic. Some days I feel like I NEED it - other days I have no appetite. So I really need to rediscover myself as far as that is concerned. I know I can be disciplined about it, I've proved that to myself in the past.

Hello, 63 pounds on South Beach.

So, today for breakfast I had grapefruit. Love it, but why is it so much fucking effort to eat? Jesus. I am going to do at least 45 minutes of cardio on the treadmill, and then maybe some weights. Tanning afterwards to relax.

Go team.