Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day...yeah, I am sucking already.

So it's Sunday, and honestly, the weekend has been okay so far. Not as bad as I thought it would be. My fear has been that I'll do really well during the week - or moreso on the days I have work (established schedule and routine) and fuck it all up on my days off. So far so good.

Thursday night I came over to boyfriend's after work, he wanted Wendy's...ugh. Fucking fast food. I was good. Side salad and 5 piece. Yeah, fried, but chicken is better than a big ass burger with cheese and bread and copious amounts of grease, and fries which is what I really wanted. So I consider that a small moral victory. Friday we ordered lunch from a local pizza place and while he ate a nice, fatty cheesesteak, I was good once again. Salad with grilled chicken, eggs, green peppers, onions - oil and vin on the side.

I can do this, right?

Friday night we went to dinner at Chili's. Salad, again. The only 'bad' part was the appetizer, but we split it, and frankly I paid for it later. So it all works out. He had a beer, I drank water.

We went out to dinner last night to not celebrate Valentine's day, and had sushi. Not the buffet, which we both LOVE, but a place around the corner from his house. I ate sashimi, so not as much rice as normal, and we also had a salad beforehand. More water.

Breakfast today, we went out with his uncle, though I had some homefries, I told the waitress no toast.

So while I'm not eating strictly rabbit food, I am certainly making a more conscious effort to get my shit together. He's being real supportive too, and while I don't forsee him eating salads at every meal any time soon, he is still being really good about it.

I still need to stop by the new gym and pick my stuff up, take the tour. I did tell him about it, and he asked 'can you take guests?' so I think this is going to be good for us...I can help motivate him, and I know once he gets back into the swing of things, he'll be disciplined about it too.

Baby steps right?

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