Monday, December 5, 2011


It wasn't awful. I also wasn't 100% either, but I think I really did make the best choices I could in situations that were tough. I wasn't at home Saturday, or Sunday - and having to eat with other people, other people's food, and out aren't always easy when you are restricted. But I think I did okay. I even resisted dessert at my parents' last night...and everyone knows, that is no easy task. lol

Today is the last day of week 1. I need to go food shopping again, pick up a few more items that I've run out of...the good thing is, eating a lot of the same things, I'll be a lot better at budgeting and shopping on a regular basis, knowing what I will spend on food. As opposed to stopping at Wawa for lunch and dropping $7-8 or McDonalds for breakfast for $5. I really am trying to do better, not just about my weight but also making lifestyle changes in general.

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