Thursday, December 2, 2010

Yesterday was tough on many levels.

I didn't update, because I was gone all day...left the house and 7am, and didn't get home until 5. Promptly followed by a 'nap' which lead to me sleeping until this morning.

Funerals are draining. Emotionally, mentally. On top of that, it was miserable weather. Rain, at times real bad - flooding, windy. Nothing like standing at a gravesite with the rain coming in sideways.

After that, we get to the an Italian restaurant. I knew what was coming. Bruschetta, bread basket, salad (whew), penne, entree (fish with some vegetables I could eat) and ice cream for dessert.

Normally, I'd embrace the comfort food. Between the day itself, and weather making it that much more difficult to deal with, I would have eaten half that basket of bread on my own. Yesterday, I was good. No bread, no penne, no ice cream. Believe me, I wanted it, but I refrained.

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