Monday, December 6, 2010


Another weekend has gone by, and I think for the most part, I did alright. I am finding it to be a bit easier when I have to eat out and with others, to resist eating certain things. Saturday after the parade, we went to dinner and while everyone else dug into the bread basket, I didn't have any. We also didn't do any appetizers, regardless of how hungry we were. I did get pasta for dinner - it also had crab meat, shitake mushrooms and plum tomatos with a real light sauce to it. I barely ate the pasta, and what little I did it - not good. Within 20 minutes I was sick. Did not take long at all to realize that I am not ready for that just yet, not even in the smallest amount. I have not had bread, pasta, etc in 6 weeks and just the small amount I did have, went right through me.

So, for now it is back to rediscovering the other things that I like and can tolerate for now. The next few weeks will be tough. Christmas time is always tough. But having already started losing weight I am motivated, and don't feel like I NEED to eat candy or Christmas cookies just because they are there in front of me.

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