Sunday, October 31, 2010

Take two.

Here we go again.

Tomorrow, starts SB round #2. I hit my point of absolute disgust on Thursday. Doctor's appointment, got weighed, and I am officially my heaviest ever.

Fucking awesome.

Well, I kept saying I needed motivation. That was a total bitch slap to the face.

So, I took the weekend as it came. Ate my face off today. Went food shopping for all of the necessities for the next few weeks, and I start tomorrow.


Part of me wants to be angry with myself. Having already gone through this struggle, I swore that I would never be at this point again...and yet, here I am and it is going to be even harder this time. That isn't going to do me much good. So, I am refocusing and getting my fat ass back on track. I am done feeling this way.

Stay tuned...

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