Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm disappointed,

In myself. In my lack of discipline. Lack of self control.

I worked my ass off to lose 30 pounds...I am sure I could look back and see exactly when I got there, May? April?

All summer, I let myself do whatever I wanted. Skipped the gym. Ate bate. And I've paid for it. I've managed to gain back almost half of what I lost. Super.

I have to go to the doctor's on the 31st. That will be a year just about from when I went prior, and was at my heaviest weight ever. I wanted to be down 50 by the time that appointment came. That won't happen. If I can lose 10 between now and then I'll be thrilled.

I am back on I have found that when I stick to that and keep a better eye on what I am eating, I am much more accountable. There's gotta be a starting point. So, there it is.


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